DISC Job Position Profile

Define the ideal profile for a job position with DISC Job Profile

  1. Defining the ideal profileThe beginning of a successful hiring process is to properly define not only the knowledge that the candidate should have, but the right personal and behavioural skills that must have for the position. The only way to find the best ocpción among the candidates is to know very precisely what are you looking for. With DISC Job Profile you have a tool that will help you quickly get that successful hiring process you are looking for.
  2. Hiring and recruitment of candidates. Knowing clearly the objectives, the recruitment processes and the adjustments to the organizational culture, the assessment work will become much simple but also a more successful process.


  • The base report is composed of 2 pages
  • Available at no cost, optional additional content that add specific information
  • The additional optional module is: 
  • Hiring Map Compare candidates with the job position.


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