DISC Sales Version

The DISC Sales Version is a great tool for developing sales skills

It is also the ideal assessment to determine the best "fit" of salenman type to the requirements of the type of sale needed.

It is also the perfect tool to diagnose current sales teams and the best opportunities for development within the organization.

Our report very accurately notes the sales key factors to strengthen or enhance.



  • The base report is composed of 14 pages (including Sales Competencies)
  • Generates 2 profiles (natural and adapted) with an option to add the third profile (self-perception)
  • Available at no cost, optional additional content (modules) that add specific information
  • Additional optional modules are: 



Powerful Utilities

You have at your disposal on the platform two useful tools that will help both working with teams in your communication, interaction and management, as well as hiring the right candidate for the right job.

  Team Map: View the assessed in a behavioral map

  Hiring Map: Compare candidates with the job position



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