Why is our DISC +?

Our DISC+ goes beyond traditional DISC because it has qualities and unique features you will not find elsewhere, such as additional modules, correlation with job competencies, the job profile, leadership profiles or team role, etc. In addition DISC competency modules are aligned with the competencies of the Radars (type 360º ), here are some more reasons why our DISC is +.


    High Variability

    19,400 combinations of each profile, reaching 300 million variables in reports with combined profiles


    Full Modularity

    Our reports consist of a base report and modules that can add extra information depending for what are you using for the reports


    Ease of Transferability

    Our reports are characterized by their ease of understandability and ease of application to professional and personal needs


    Easy management

    Our powerful platform enables fully control in managing the process of assessment projects



    Not only the cover of the reports takes your logo and data, but also the domain access is customized with your company's one



    Our assessments have periodical studies and are validated by the International DISC Institute

  • DISC is the language of behavior

    met disc

    Each adjective reflects one of four predictable dimensions of human behavior that are at different levels and combinations in each person, is what is called DISC Profile.

    The DISC assessment is an online test consisting of 24 groups of 4 questions assessing:

    •  Decision Level: How do we respond to problems and challenges.
    •  Interaction: How we relate with and influenced others.
    •  Steadiness: How do we respond to change and the pace of things.
    •  Conscientiousness: How do we respond to rules and procedures.
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