Advantages of our Competencies Radars

Our Competencies Radars are a unique product designed by People Performance International, you will not find elsewhere. They are based on job levels and have important advantages over classic 360º type assessments.


    Easy Implementation

    Competencies and preset questions, you can activate a project in 1 minute, move over the complexities


    Job Levels

    Based on 6 job levels with 16 key competencies for each job level. Only self-assessment, or multiple 360º


    Ease of transferability

    Our reports are characterized by their understandability and professional application with clear graphics and statistics


    Easy Management

    Our powerful platform enables fully control over the management process of assessment projects



    Not only the cover of the reports takes your logo and data, but also the domain access is customized with your company's one



    Not only does self-assessment and evaluation of third persons, also desired goal, and allowing two subsequent revaluations

  • met comp

    For those who want to assess competencies without the hassle of assess competencies.

    The assessment Competencies Radar allows:

    •  Assess the present state from de person, from where he starts
    •  Consider how others see the person against the competencies.
    •  Set the goal, the desired future, point to somewhere.
    •  Develop strategies and plans to achieve what is needed.
    •  And at a great price...
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