Ignacio Sven300My name is Ignacio Rubio, President of People Performance International and I made the wrong decision.

As a teenager I had to decide at a time in my life what to study, to what dedicate myself, and I ended up spending a lot of time, effort and money (my parents one) to prepare for something that ultimately was not my place and to what I never have dedicated. I would have liked to have some tool to help me understand truly how I was, what were my potential, my strengths and weaknesses, my personality style and vocational inclinations.

So I developed this assessment taht is now becoming a fundamental tool in the hands of parents, educators, schools, coaches and young people themselves, the Vocational DISC assessment for students


The world has changed, and with it, the labor and business market, yet still use the same funnels and parameters to push our young people towards their future. We have changed from a "mechanistic" model where the focus was "to know do something," to a model of awareness that leads to "know do something" excellently, motivated, focused, coordinated, flexible and at the same time fullfil ourselves as a person.

To meet the demands of this changing world, we have discovered four key components for success in the career and future of our youth.


    Know Themselves

    Know themselves, their personality style, strengths and weaknesses, and how to give the best of themselves


    Define Itself

    Define clearly and systematically their vocational preferences, their natural inclination towards certain areas


    Understand Themselves

    Understand their internal motivators and how they affect their activities and behaviuor



    Parents, teachers or counselors who understand their personality style and can therefore motivate them and guide them in the most effective way

  • DISC+ Vocational

    met voc

    The tool to help young people in their present and future

    Youth assessment consists of the DISC assessment and additionally may include vocational assessment, it will help to:

    •  Know themselves, understand their strengths and weaknesses.
    •  Help parents and educators better understand how best to help and guide.
    •  Discover their vocation, where they can be excellent.
    •  Work on specific strategies to enhance their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses. Includes a guide for personal development.
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