PEOPLE PERFORMANCE INTERNATIONAL is designed so that our associates can develop a long-term business with high profitability, stability and recurring income.

As a Consultant, Coach, or anyone who works with clients, in addition to the use of assessments in your intervention processes, People Performance gives you the opportunity to incorporate a very interesting additional line of business.

That is why our system is based on levels that allow our associates to develop a business network that increases in profitability as the volume of business grows.




Direct Customers

Indirect Customers

A direct customer structure is simple to understand:

Unlike other businesses (such as training or consulting) once you have sold to a customer, they can become a recurring source of income each time they consume assessments without you having to invest your time in selling to them again.

The Client Network system is great if you have time, as growing it depends on the time you have available.

Our Associates sell directly to companies of all sizes and industries.

When in addition to selling to direct customers, you develop a network of Associates, you become a PPI Agent.

That is, not only do you earn from sales to companies, but you make a profit from the sales your Agents make to their own customers – that’s the power of a network!

Our structure has different levels of Agents, the higher the volume of your sales, including your own network of Agents, the higher your Associate level and therefore the more profit you make.




Volume discounts

You get higher discount levels for the volume of all purchases and sales of your Associate network

Network Benefits

You earn a commercial margin on all purchases or sales from your network of Associates

Recurring Revenues

You only work to create the client once, when an Agent or Client opens an account on the platform, they work automatically

Financial Stability

When you manage to create a large network of customers and associates, your income stabilizes as sales variations are diluted