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Improve the Recruitment,
Retention and Development
of Human Talent

An intuitive, easy and complete platform for companies and consultants to manage their own assessment projects

¿Why People Performance International?

Thousands of companies regularly use our assessment platform for their personnel recruitment processes and their talent development projects. Our innovative and effective assessments in a robust, intuitive and secure platform, as well as more than 10 years helping companies retain their talent, makes us the number one resource in their assessments needs.

Methodology 360º

Competencies Radars; Behaviors dictionary; Easy to implement; later Re-assessments

DISC Methodology

200 million variables; 20 evaluation areas; Team maps; Recruitment maps; Validated

Values Methodology

Values are the motivators that feed actions or behaviors

Vocational Methodology

Knowing yourself; Understanding; Defining; Aligning yourself; For young students

A platform to evaluate them all!

No more licenses to request, no more waiting for corrections, no minimum order, no monthly fees, you connect and is ready.

Our assessments, used by hundreds of companies of all sizes and sectors, have proven their effectiveness in improving personnel recruitment and development processes.

How People Performance helps you

  • Your own assessment platform Manages autonomously the assessments of your recruitment processes and development projects.
  • Improve the recruitment of personnelGo beyond the CV and choose the right person for the right position and improve your talent retention.
  • Fortalezca el desarrollo del talento humano ¡Si no lo evalúa, no sabrá como mejorarlo! Nuestras evaluaciones hacen a su equipo humano más efectivo.
  • Ahorre tiempo y dinero Diga adiós a los excel, documentos, emails, licencias, correcciones. Todo está bajo su control y paga sólo por lo que necesita.

Who benefits from our platform and assessments?

Companies Of all sizes and sectors. Our platform adapts to the needs of any company no matter how big or small, we are your support to the HR department. Consultants Whether in your interventions in companies, as support for your training and as a product to add to your portfolio, partnering with us will only bring you benefits. Coaches Add value to your coaching, mentoring and training services with our assessments. Your customers will be impressed by the effectiveness of our products.

Do you want more information?

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