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Enhance your services with us

For consulting, selection, head hunters and coaches companies


The People Performance platform allows you to incorporate assessments in a personalized way in your interventions with your clients, adding additional value to your services.

You can also incorporate our assessments as another product in your portfolio, since our system allows you to open accounts for your own clients, so that your client companies consume evaluations for hiring or in internal processes of promotion or development in an independent and autonomous way. leaving the management and billing of your clients under your own charge.

Follow these steps

1. Contact us

2. We will assign an agent in your region or country to assist you in whatever you need

3. Fill in the registration form that your agent will send you

4. We activate your registration

and ready … in a few minutes you can start to assess

You will also have video-tutorials of use, knowledge base and the support of your agent

Frequent questions

Are there monthly usage fees?

No, the use of the platform has no cost, you only pay for the reports that are generated

How do I get discounts?

You can get discounts immediately, it is not necessary to wait a year of use. Simply, acquire a volume of credits in the form of a “package of credits” and the discount on said credits will be applied.

How much does each report cost?

Our platform is based on credits, each credit has the same standard price. Each report has a different cost in credits and therefore a different price. To know the prices of the assessments, contact us.

Do I have to make a minimum order?

No, you can do assessments according to your needs, there are no minimum monthly or annual requirements

Is it difficult to use the platform?

The platform is very intuitive and easy to use. You will have an agent that will help you in everything you need. We also have video tutorials and use knowledge base. Additionally we have a support ticket system for any difficulty you may have.

Why People Performance and not others?

People Performance International guarantees the highest quality and latest generation of assessments and platform. We also provide additional tools that no one else offers. We continuously innovate without neglecting personalized attention to the user, being currently one of the reference companies in the market.

Do you want more information?

People Performance International LLC. 1712 Pioner Ave. Cheyenne, WY 82001 +1 646 568 5403 

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