DISC Behavioral Analyst Course

Nothing substitutes face-to-face training in which in addition to theoretical knowledge, deep learning dynamics are implemented

Understand how people function for the detection, development and demonstration of talent

If you want to improve the processes of recruitment and selection of personnel, or help in the development of people in the professional or personal field. If you need to acquire new tools that help you improve your consulting or coaching processes. If you want to build more effective teams, situational leaders or more appropriate skills.

The DISC Behavioral Analyst course certified by the International DISC Institute is for you!

The application of DISC Methodology and assessments have proven to be a critical tool for the success of professionals, companies, youth people and educational centers around the world.

The four predictable factors of people’s behavior



How we respond to problems and challenges


How we respond to changes and the pace of things



How we relate and influence others


How we respond to rules and procedures

Program objectives

  • Become a master of Interpersonal Communication
  • Get the key to get the most out of your behavioral style
  • Learn to positively influence others
  • Break relationship barriers and resolve conflicts
  • Use the most effective system to communicate, teach, lead and motivate
  • Learn the professional use of DISC assessments



  • Deep knowledge of the foundation and basis of the DISC theory of William Marston and its application in different environments.


  • You will experience different communication and behavior techniques that will allow you to adapt to any type of interlocutor and will bring you closer to your goals.


  • You will determine your objectives, starting point and design an action plan to implement what you have learned.


Recommended training for all those people who wish to improve their communication skills and apply an effective diagnostic tool.

  • Profesionales de RRHH.
  • Coaches.
  • Psicólogos.
  • Profesores, docentes y formadores.
  • Entrenadores deportivos.
  • Consultores.
  • Comerciales.

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