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DISC Young Students and Vocational

Helping the present and future of young people


Knowing themselves, understanding their strengths and weaknesses

The DISC Young Students Version aims to contribute to the self-knowledge and development of the young student.

Knowing their style will make it easier for them to learn to improve different areas of their lifes.

Understanding how we are gives us the tools to understand how to interact with our world, those around us, and ourselves, fundamental aspects for the development of young people.

Discovering their vocation, what thy can really be excellent at

The vocational assessment is unique in the market since it is not based on work tasks to be performed, (mechanistic type), but on the vocational root of future activities

Help young people determine their vocational areas and give them the 2 career alternatives that best suit their choice with their jobs options

It also calculates the match between their DISC personality style and the chosen professions, giving them 3 matching additional career options
Assess which cognitive areas they should try hardest

Generate a job profile with characteristics that their future profession should have and what they should avoid

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