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DISC maps, job profiles, recruitment maps

We have developed for our users unique tools that you won’t find anywhere else and that will help you in your DISC assessment processes both for recruiting and developing people.

DISC Perfil Objetivo (Perfil de Puesto)

Esta herramienta le permite generar un informe DISC objetivo o de puesto, tanto mediante un test como de forma manual, que le ayudará a conocer las características conductuales de ese perfil. Ya sea que esté desarrollando habilidades que ese perfil objetivo tiene, o que tenga un puesto de trabajo o posición que tiene esas características, el informe le mostrará los comportamientos requeridos primarios, secundarios y cuales son los perfiles DISC que más se acercan a ese perfil objetivo. El informe contiene además un mapa que le indica los diferentes niveles de adecuación de los perfiles.

DISC Recruiting Map

With the target profile map or recruitment map you can compare a group of evaluates against a target or job profile. The system will position all those evaluated on the map and will show you in the form of a colored scale the suitability of the various evaluated against the target profile or position. At a glance you can see which candidates have a profile closest to the required profile.

Group or team map

Position all those evaluated on a DISC map that will help you, visually, to know how your team is, what their strengths are, possible areas of conflict. A great tool for developing communication skills between teams, strategies for working together, conflict resolution. You can generate a DISC map from the natural profile of those evaluated, the adapted one or include both.

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