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Motivational Values Methodology

Values are the beliefs that motivate our actions, the motor of our behavior!


What makes us work?

Motivational ValuesWhy do we make the decisions we make? What motivates us? In the process of facing decisions, actions and situations, two main variables come into play: the instinctive reaction  (natural behavior) and the adaptive reaction (adapted behavior). Where are both reactions born? To a large extent of our values, those elements that make up the emotional-rational scale of what we give more importance to and which gives a relatively coherent meaning to our lives.

Behavioral motivators

Values have also been called our motivators, because being basic beliefs of an emotional-rational priority system can serve as a feeder for our actions or behaviors.

We divide the values in 3 categories:


Basic and deep values. The DNA of the other values. They are usually the source of the “attitude towards life”. In our methodology we use 4 fundamental meta-values.

Primary values

The general deep values that are directly related to individual values. They are often called the “internal motivators”.

Individual values

Specific values are usually associated with a concrete belief about something and directly correlated to behaviors. They are framed in moral principles.

For the purpose of our assessment we will use the Meta-values that will help us understand the  attitude toward things and the Primary Values that will help us understand the internal motivators. It is practically impossible to evaluate with a tool scientifically and with reliable results the Individual Values (moral values, reliability, honesty), only through observation and experience it is possible to obtain a real perspective of this type of values.

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