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360º Feedback Competencies Radar

Practical, complete, modular, understandable


Evaluate at 90º, 180º or 360º in a simple way

Our Feedback 360 Competency Radar assessment system is incredibly versatile and easy to use. With a few clicks you can start your assessment project. We have 3 types of Radars:

  • Simple Radar (or individual): The evaluated only evaluates himself.
  • Group Radar (or crossed): All the evaluated asses each other, the system automatically converts each evaluated in a evaluator of the others.
  • Open Radar: It is the classic 360º with external observers in which we assign one or several observers to each evaluated.

Dictionary of competencies

Create your evaluations using our dictionary of 48 competences, you can if you wish to modify any of our competences. You can also upload your own competencies.

Create “competition sets” (groups) in a simple and flexible way. then you can assign to an evaluation project that set that you will have at your disposal for future similar projects

Total Control

Control all the parameters you want in the Radar 360 evaluation project: Who puts the desired objective, the evaluated or the administrator? Apply weight to competencies? Observers by levels identified or numbered?

Easy handling of evaluated

All the evaluated and the observers in the same screen. Add new evaluated or new observers, you can also delete them. See who is missing by completing the test and resend the invitation email. Download the reports in PDF immediately.


Did you evaluate a group a few months ago and want to see if the development plan has worked? With just one click you can re-evaluate a project in such a way that the same observers will re-evaluate the ones evaluated. See in the new report the comparison with the original evaluation. You can re-evaluate a project up to two times within the time you want.

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