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The Assessment Platform

Absolute control over your assessments processes


The Most Effective Assessments Platform at Your Service

People Performance International makes available to companies and consultants a versatile platform, easy to use, which allows the control of the entire assessment process effectively and with full guarantee of privacy of assessment projects and evaluations. No more licenses to apply for, no more waiting for corrections, no minimum order, no monthly fees, just connect and ready to go.

Our assessments, used by hundreds of companies of all sizes and sectors, have proven effective in improving recruitment, development and training processes.

Our 4 pillars


Effective Reports

Designed for real needs
More accurate information, no thatch information
Deep but very understandable
Modern language 100% applicable
Modular, precise information
High quality, high reliability
Are validated

Advanced Technology

A powerful, easy and innovative platform
Highest security standards
Support servers in different locations
High-level programmer team
We continuously improve
Proven programming resources
We facilitate the job of our clients


Constant Research

We study the market trends
We develop new applications
We monitor the variables
We evaluate our own evaluations
We hire validation studies
We use databases to adjust variables
We innovate assessments that meet needs


Personalized Attention

Strong “excellent customer service” philosophy
Tutorials and video-trainings
Sheets and Webinars for each product
Immediate assistance helpdesk
Support Chat for Evaluates
Open consultation channel
Guided Help Tours

Our Platform in Comparison with the Competition


People Performance

Other Suppliers

Total autonomy YES Some
Fully modular YES NO
Immediate volume discounts YES NO
Privacy (servers not subject to the Patriot law) YES Some
Flexibility (multiple users) YES NO
Value for money YES Few
Brand customization YES Some
Free add-on modules YES NO
Free job profiles Unlimited NO
Free team and recruiting maps Unlimited NO

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People Performance International LLC. 1712 Pioner Ave. Cheyenne, WY 82001 +1 646 568 5403 

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