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Motivational Values Assessment

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Why do we do what we do?

The assessment of values is meant to better understand what we value when we face the circumstances and how it can be used to motivate us. The original studies of Eduard Spranger, the main reference in the theory of values, and of the most modern validated studies on values have been used as a basis, developing from it the model of Meta-Values of People Performance International.


In the evaluation you will discover your assessment of Metavalores or primary attitudes. Keep in mind that all the attitudes shown in the reports are positive, we only establish the weight they have in your value system.

Primary Values

We also evaluate the scale of values in order of preference. This helps you understand what you value most and therefore what motivates you the most. We emphasize your predominant values, since these are the ones that act mainly in your decision-making at key moments.

Characteristics of your primary values

The primary values that exceed a sufficient percentage of valuation will be detailed with how they contribute to your work activity, the effects when the value is unbalanced, one of the main motivational keys of the value, as well as areas in which to support the person who shows that value.

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