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DISC + Vocational Methodology

The tool to help young people in their present and future


4 Key components for the young person’s success

The world has changed, and with it, the labor and business market, and yet we continue to use the same funnels and parameters to push our young people towards their future. We have changed from a “mechanistic” model where the focus was “knowing how to do something”, to a “conscious” model, which leads us to “know how to do something” in an excellent, motivated, focused, coordinated, flexible way that also makes us fulfill as a person.

An assessment to boost their future

To face the demands of this constantly changing world, we have discovered 4 key components for success in the career and future of our youth:


Know oneself

To know themselves, their personality style, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to give the best of themselves


Understanding oneself

Understand their internal motivators and how these affect the activities they carry out and perform


Define oneself

Define clearly and systematically their vocational preferences, their natural inclination towards certain areas


Parents, educators or counselors who understand their personality style and can motivate and guide them in the most effective way

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