Knowing oneself,
understanding one's
strengths and
Discovering his/her
vocation, what he/she
can really be
excellent at


Work strategies to enhance
his/her strengths
and strengthen his/her
Parents and educators
who understand their
personality styles to
guide them more
My name is Ignacio Rubio, President of People Performance International and I made the wrong decision.
As a teenager I had to decide at one point in my life what to study, what to dedicate myself to, and I ended up investing a lot of time, effort and money (from my parents) in preparing myself for something that in the end was not my thing and to which I never dedicated myself.
I would have loved to have had some tool to help me truly understand what I was like, what my potentialities were, my strengths and weaknesses, my personality style and my vocational inclinations and help me focus on my desired future.
That is why I developed this assessment that is now becoming an essential tool in the hands of parents, educators, schools, coaches and young people themselves, the DISC personality assessment for young people.



Our vocational methodology for young people is unique by crossing the DISC assessment with a dynamic vocational assessment. In this way, not only can we extract careers from the young person’s vocational preference, but we will select those careers that best match their DISC personality style, improving their chances of success in their future career by 80%