90, 180, 360 Competency Assessments

Transforming Your Workforce: How Competencies Drive Business Success

In today's dynamic market, business success increasingly depends on intangible factors. Soft skills are essential yet often underestimated.

Many companies face the challenge of identifying and nurturing these key skills.

Our competency feedback assessments offer a solution.

They provide a deep insight into your team's interpersonal and management skills, crucial for effective collaboration and leadership.

Addressing this "need" not only improves individual performance but also drives the collective success of the company.

Understanding Feedback Competencies

What Are Soft Work Competencies?

Soft competencies are personal attributes that facilitate effective and harmonious interactions with other people or certain activities.

Unlike technical skills, soft competencies focus more on the emotional and behavioral aspects in the workplace.

These skills are essential for creating a positive work environment and for the long-term success of any organization.

Although often underestimated, soft competencies are crucial for both individual and collective performance, being a key differentiator in today's competitive job market.

Hard Competencies

Relate to technical or practical knowledge learned during academic training in any area

Soft Competencies

Relate to the attitudes and behaviors necessary to successfully perform an activity or task

The Most Advanced in the Market

Feedback Competency Radar Assessments

We offer 3 versions to tailor the reports to your evaluation needs. You can create competency feedback assessment projects of 90, 180, and 360 degrees.


In this 90-degree feedback competency assessment, the evaluatee only evaluates themselves.


This competency radar is designed for teams of up to 16 people where everyone must evaluate each other in addition to themselves.


This is the classic radar where the evaluatee evaluates themselves and has observers who evaluate them.

Implementing People Performance International’s soft competency assessment transformed our organization. It helped us identify and develop key skills in our team, significantly improving communication and collaboration. This not only increased our productivity but also greatly enhanced morale and job satisfaction across the company.

Optima Consultants

Our Radar Options

The Most Complete and Flexible Competency Assessment on the Market

Discover our advanced competency assessments, designed to provide a comprehensive and personalized view of your team's skills.

With our tool, you will receive precise assessments tailored to your organization's specific needs, enriched with detailed insights and constructive feedback to drive professional development and business growth.

  • Desired Objective

    You can have the evaluatee assess the desired objective for optimal performance, set by the administrator, or not set a desired objective

  • Observer Levels

    In Open Radars, up to 6 levels of observers can be added with multiple observers per level

  • Observer Identification

    Allows identification of observer levels (superiors, peers, etc.) or simply numbering them so the evaluatee cannot identify them

  • Observer Weights

    Allows setting different weights for observer levels according to the importance you want to assign

  • Competency Weights

    Allows setting different weights for competencies to obtain final results adjusted by the importance of each competency

  • Personal Comments

    Allows observers to, in addition to rating competencies, provide a written comment on each competency

Additional Features

Maximize the Benefits of Your Competency Radar Assessment

Human Talent People Performance International


Allows generating group reports and graphics to visualize all evaluated, as well as comparatives of an evaluated against the group


A unique feature that allows up to 2 subsequent reassessments comparing the development progress made in the original report

Maximize Performance

Benefits of Our Feedback Radar Competency Assessment

  • Optimization of Talent and Performance Improvement
  • Customized and Effective Development Strategies
  • Promotion of a Leadership and Collaboration Culture
  • Improvement in Decision Making and Team Management
  • Increase in Staff Retention and Satisfaction
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