Boosting Personal and Family Growth with DISC

The DISC model illuminates our psyche, delving into motivations and behaviors. Its application in personal and family settings improves communication and relationships, creating support and understanding. Understanding differences minimizes conflicts and stimulates growth.

DISC reveals and enhances strengths, addressing improvements constructively.

In family settings, it harmonizes relationships and group cohesion. Personally, it provides tools for achievements and emotional well-being, guiding us toward a fulfilling existence.


Understanding Ourselves: A Look Through DISC

The DISC method, focused on personal and family contexts, becomes a compass to navigate the complexities of our closest relationships.

This approach classifies behaviors into four fundamental categories: Decision, Interaction, Steadiness, and Compliance.

When applied at home, it provides valuable insight into how each family member handles different situations, essential for strengthening emotional bonds and fostering an environment of understanding and mutual support.

With a history that spans nearly a century, DISC is renowned for its ability to unravel the mysteries of our daily interactions in a straightforward and effective manner.


Individuals with high D are proactive in family challenges, displaying assertiveness and leadership. They focus on overcoming obstacles, make quick decisions, and excel in resolving conflicts. They prefer family dynamics where control and achieving goals are key.


Individuals with high S value harmony and stability at home. They are reliable, collaborative, and strive to create a safe and predictable family environment. They excel in maintaining peace, providing constant support, and demonstrating patience.


Those with high I stand out for their extroversion, ability to converse, and skill in positively influencing their loved ones. They shine in family gatherings and use their charisma to unite and motivate the family.


Individuals with high C are distinguished by their meticulousness and attention to detail in family planning. They are organized and analytical, excelling in situations that require precision and adherence to established family rules and routines.


Customized Approach for Emotional and Relational Well-being

The personal DISC assessment from People Performance International is distinguished by its comprehensive and tailored methodology. Focused on revealing interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics with clarity. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and advanced evaluative methods, it provides an analysis that facilitates the recognition of strengths and areas for improvement, driving significant personal changes.

Its approach, which includes patterns of behavior and emotional intelligence, ensures the development of relevant and effective strategies to promote emotional well-being and enrich personal and family relationships.

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This assessment will help you identify, understand, and develop your unique talents and abilities, paving the way for their effective application in various life situations

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Significantly improve how you relate to people around you, facilitating more effective communications and building deeper, more meaningful connections


Better understand what actions and decisions to take to achieve your personal goals, providing you with a clear guide towards realizing your ambitions and dreams


Achieve a more integrated and harmonious family environment, understanding and respecting individual differences, which promotes a home filled with understanding and mutual support

Discovering my DISC ‘C’ profile was a turning point. I learned to communicate better with my surroundings, respecting differences. This improved my relationships and allowed me to focus my energies on goals aligned with my strengths, transforming my life.

Michael Müller


Explore and Enrich the Fundamental Aspects of Your Life

Our personal DISC assessment redefines how you understand your inner world. It offers an unmatched personalized approach, perfectly adapting to your individual needs to capture the essence of your being.

With innovative options for reflection and self-analysis, this tool facilitates obtaining deep and meaningful insights about yourself.

Its adaptability to various introspection and self-exploration techniques ensures a detailed and nuanced understanding of your personal life, promoting relevant and lasting personal growth and development.

  • Enhancers and Barriers

    You will find those aspects of your profile that enhance or limit your ability to achieve goals

  • Guidance or Training

    It's not possible to train everyone in the same way; this will help you to be guided or trained according to your unique style

  • Personal Motivation

    We will show you how to create an atmosphere of motivation, whether through tools, attitudes, habits, or other elements for this

  • Active Life

    Determine how your DISC profile influences how you approach life activities, such as physical activity, diet, etc.


Maximize the Benefits of the Personal DISC Assessment

The Personal Self-Assessment Report from People Performance International provides a deep understanding of the key elements that make up your emotional well-being and living environment.

Through this thorough analysis, you can precisely discover your strengths and those aspects of your life that need enrichment, paving the way for conscious personal decisions. This meticulous study is essential for making effective adjustments that enhance your personal satisfaction, individual growth, and ultimately, your quality of life, overcoming barriers that limit your fulfillment.

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Benefits of our Personal DISC Assessment

  • Enhanced Self-awareness
  • Effective Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Relationship Development
  • Personal and Professional Growth
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