A new line of business with recurring revenue

Discover how People Performance International can transform your HR consultancy into a thriving business center.

Our platform allows you to build and manage your own client network, opening new avenues for recurring revenue and expanding your market opportunities.

Leverage the potential of advanced assessments to offer unparalleled services to both companies and consultants.

Join us and make your consultancy indispensable, securing not only business growth but also financial growth thanks to our recurring revenue structure.


Expand Your Horizons, an Additional Business Line

People Performance International can be the bridge to your professional success. By collaborating with us, you can open a revolutionary business line, inviting companies and consultants to create their own accounts on our platform.

This not only expands your reach but also secures recurring revenue, strengthening your connections and creating unprecedented opportunities.

Imagine having the power to influence and expand your network, all while generating continuous profits.

With People Performance International, you can maintain and enrich your business relationships, offering a valuable tool that transcends face-to-face consultancy.

This is your moment to innovate, lead, and thrive in a constantly changing market.

Recurring Revenue

Secure a continuous income stream with every client who uses the platform

Lasting Relationships

Maintain meaningful connections with clients beyond individual projects

Network Expansion

Develop an extensive network of business clients and consultants, expanding your influence

Innovation and Leadership

Position yourself as an innovative leader in the HR and consultancy field


Take advantage of cross-services in your business

Discover the cross-service strategy designed for distributor users, where a single effort opens multiple streams of income. By introducing our platform into your development consultancy, you can later offer it for other purposes such as staff selection, retaining the client with the continuous use of our assessments.

This methodology not only doubles your sales opportunities but also cements long-term relationships with your clients, transforming them into regular and committed users, even after the consultancy has ended.

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Amplified Revenue

Increase your earnings by selling the platform for different uses (development, selection, organizational well-being)

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Loyal Client

Provide continuous value, keeping your client engaged and dependent on your unique solutions

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Collaboration Network

By selling the platform to other consultants, you create a network of professionals who can become strategic allies

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Flexibility and Reach

Expand your service offerings without increasing your workload, leveraging the platform to cover various client needs

The People Performance assessment platform revolutionized our consultancy by enabling us to launch a new line of business. Thanks to sub-accounts manageable by the clients themselves, we have been able to offer significant added value, generating recurring revenue while our clients directly manage their assessments, increasing our efficiency and reach.

Claire Dubois
Groupe RH Conseil


Build a bigger business with us

Embark on a journey towards independence; lead a community of growth and learning. Under your guidance, each company and consultant flourishes, supported by our promise of excellence and support.

In the constant flow of life and business, your actions create waves of change. Recurring revenue and ceaseless opportunities free you, allowing you to forge a future untethered to time or place.

  • Your own client network

    Company or consultant accounts are under your management, you serve them, invoice and collect payments, we provide the service and support

  • Accumulated discounts

    You will always have a margin over the users of your client network without affecting their price, the purchase volume of your subaccounts counts towards your own discounts

  • Recurring revenue

    You will have income that does not depend on your available time or physical presence to give a course or consultancy. With every order from your network, you will be making money

  • Constant opportunities

    Your relationship with the client does not end with the consultancy, it continues with the assessment platform making you always present for new needs


Benefits of becoming a distributor

  • Extended Autonomy
  • Exponential Growth
  • Improved Revenue Stream
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Continuous Professional Development
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