Our assessments help you choose the right candidate

Simplify and enhance the talent selection processes in an easy and cost-effective way. Match the ideal candidate to the right position.

The talent selection process can be a complex and costly task. It is essential to review many resumes, conduct interviews, and carry out tests. But what if there was a more efficient way to find the ideal candidate?

elegir al Candidato idóneo


An easy and powerful process

Our assessments are valuable tools for the selection process of the ideal candidate for each vacancy. You can find the best talent for your company without lengthy processes. Transform your company's talent selection procedures in an easy way with an affordable investment. 

1. DISC Report

Select the report version and modules that interest you most, and send access to the candidates

2. Objective Profile

You can create a job profile for free or you can use one of the many pre-configured ones we have in the system

3. Selection Map

You can easily compare all candidates with the target profile and see the most suitable ones

4. Comparative

You can generate an individual comparative report with the candidates closest to the sought-after profile


A set of essential assessments during the selection to ensure success in talent retention

Our assessments are tools that facilitate the measurement of candidates' skills, values, behavior profile, and competencies.

Each assessment allows identifying applicants with the greatest potential to succeed in your company.

We have different types of assessments available so you can find the ideal candidate. You can choose the one that fits your specific needs.

  • 5 DISC assessment versions

    Adapted to the profile of the candidate or the position they are applying for

  • 35 additional DISC modules

    To tailor the report to the assessment needs required

  • +80 measurement areas

    We cover almost every aspect of an individual's behavioral assessment

  • 30 predefined job profiles

    Or you can easily create your own

  • Measurement of Motivational Values

    Help to align the candidate with corporate values



Benefits of our assessments

  • Help you reduce the time spent reviewing resumes and conducting interviews
  • Help you identify candidates who have the greatest potential to succeed in your company
  • Help you make more informed hiring decisions
  • Help you reduce the cost of hiring