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Are you ready to transform efficiency and satisfaction in the organization?

Unlock the true potential of your team through the innovative approach to performance evaluations of our platform.

It's time to apply the right tools to increase the performance of the talent in your company.

Forget assumptions and dive into a world of actionable insights that not only reveal the skills and competencies of your employees but also ignite the spark of their internal motivation.

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Quality, Quantity, and Efficiency in Achieving Goals

An employee's performance is a multifaceted combination that encompasses the quality and quantity of work performed, the efficiency in executing tasks, and the ability to reach and exceed specific goals. It is a direct reflection of an individual's contribution to the success of the company.

It's not just a matter of effort; it's the alignment between talent, commitment, and results.

Continuous performance improvement is an endless cycle of learning, adaptation, and growth. At People Performance International, we provide the tools for this process to be not only measurable, but also inspiring and transformative.

Customized Assessments

Through DISC analysis and competency assessments, we identify individual strengths and areas for improvement

Continuous Monitoring

Our platform allows real-time tracking of progress, keeping employees on the path of improvement

Targeted Training

Based on results, you can develop development plans tailored to the specific needs of each employee

Supportive Culture

We help build an environment that celebrates success and addresses challenges constructively

TechForward is a company that faced high turnover rates and low morale. They implemented soft skills and DISC evaluations for their teams. By doing so, they redesigned management and communication strategies, leading to a 25% increase in productivity and a 40% reduction in staff turnover within a year


Assessments Help Measure Performance ROI

Evaluations make performance quantifiable. The data obtained allow the company to measure changes and improvements in terms of productivity, efficiency, and employee retention.

These metrics translate directly into operational costs, quality of service/product, and customer satisfaction, key elements for calculating the return on investment (ROI).


Process to Improve Performance Using Evaluations

In today's business environment, where competition is fierce, excellence in employee performance is essential.

After an initial evaluation, data can be analyzed to identify unique needs and opportunities, and then a personalized action plan can be formulated. This dynamic approach may include participatory workshops and coaching, focused on fostering an environment of constant improvement. Monitoring is as important as the initial intervention, ensuring that each advancement contributes significantly to the long-term success of the organization.

  • Initial Assessment

    Using DISC assessments, competency radar, motivational values, and organizational climate surveys to obtain a complete overview

  • Results Analysis

    Interpretation of data to understand needs and opportunities

  • Personalized Action Plan

    Development of individual and group improvement strategies and plans

  • Implementation and Training

    Initiation of workshops, coaching sessions, and other development activities

  • Monitoring and Adjustments

    Tracking of progress and making adjustments to ensure continuous improvement


Comprehensive Evaluation to Boost Performance

Measuring employees' performance goes beyond traditional success indicators. At People Performance International, we employ a holistic and multifaceted approach to evaluating performance.

Each of these assessments integrates to provide a deep and actionable understanding of individual and collective performance.

By combining these measurement tools, People Performance International not only reveals where performance stands at present, but also provides strategic direction for future development.

Qualitative Assessments

Complement quantitative data with qualitative assessments, such as 360-degree competency radars, that consider feedback from peers, supervisors, etc. This helps better understand interpersonal skills, adaptability, and leadership.

Development Evaluations

Focus on individual growth and competency development over time. This is achieved by tracking participation in training programs, personal development initiatives, and the application of new skills.

Behavior Analysis

Using tools like DISC, we assess work styles and behavior. This helps to better align tasks and roles with individual preferences and strengths, resulting in greater satisfaction and efficiency.

Climate and Well-being

Measure how employees feel about their work environment and their own well-being. A positive work environment and employee well-being are critical indicators of an organization's ability to maintain high performance in the long term.


Benefits of our evaluations for increasing performance

  • Identify Hidden Talents
  • Strengthen Competencies
  • Encourage Motivation
  • Create a Positive Environment
  • Promote Well-being