Selecting and Developing Talent: The Power of DISC

Boost your business with DISC Assessments, more than just a selection tool, it's a way to uncover your team's potential.

Understanding behavioral dynamics improves collaboration and efficiency at work.

With DISC, the uniqueness of each employee enhances diversity. By using DISC Assessments, you optimize performance and foster a future of innovation and growth.


Deciphering the Language of Behavior

The DISC method is a psychological tool that categorizes behavior into four categories: Decision, Interaction, Steadiness, and Compliance.

It offers a clear and structured view of how people react in different situations, crucial for understanding interpersonal and professional dynamics.

With nearly 100 years of history, the value of DISC lies in its simplicity and effectiveness in revealing behavioral styles.

This understanding facilitates better communication and collaboration within teams and organizations, improving talent management and optimizing productivity in the workplace.


Individuals with a high D are proactive in facing challenges, displaying assertiveness and leadership. They focus on achieving goals, make quick decisions, and excel in overcoming difficulties. They prefer environments where control and result achievement are key.


Individuals with a high S prioritize harmony and consistency. They are reliable, collaborative, and seek stable and predictable work environments. They excel in tasks that require meticulousness, ongoing support, and a patient approach.


Those with a high I excel in their extroversion, ability to engage in dialogue, and skill in influencing others. They thrive in social settings and use their charisma to motivate and persuade.


Individuals with a high C are known for their rigor, attention to detail, and preference for order. They are meticulous and analytical, shining in contexts where precision and adherence to norms and procedures are fundamental.


Business DISC Assessments

Below are the versions of DISC assessments available on the platform. Our DISC reports measure more than 80 areas of the person.

Evaluación DISC Básico

Basic DISC

The Basic DISC Version (and Basic Sales) is a short report specially designed for large mass selection processes. At a glance, you can see the profiles and main characteristics.

Main Uses

Standard DISC

Designed for both selection and development of operational and middle positions. It is a report with the main characteristics, easy to read and of medium length.

Main Uses

DISC sales executives

Specially designed for the development of commercial teams and sales teams, this DISC report is similar to the Premium, but all its content is oriented to the sales and customer service area.

Main Uses

DISC Premium

It is the most comprehensive version of the DISC report, both for selection and development at all levels of the company, including the highest.

Main Uses

Optional DISC Modules for Results Tailored to Your Needs

Optional modules are pages that will be added to the chosen report version. The optional DISC modules customize the reports to your evaluative goals.
From a one-page analysis of the Work Profile to two-page studies on Effective Direction, they adapt the assessment to your needs.
These modules add depth, allowing for precise interpretations and effective applications in organizational contexts, transforming each report into a detailed and personalized resource.
  • General Optional Modules

    More than 10 modules to adapt the DISC report to your evaluative needs, helping you understand the person's work profile, their teamwork style, their telework profile, and much more.

  • Behavioral Competencies Modules

    More than 20 modules that will help you understand the development level of a person in a job or environment. Discover the performance and competency development of evaluators for Agile teams, Technology Managers, Middle Factory Managers, Administrative staff, and more.

  • Additional Assessment Modules

    In addition to the DISC's own modules, our DISC assessments allow for adding modules that complement DISC itself, like the Wellbeing module, which helps to understand the general state of employees and their possible personal wellbeing gaps.

Since we implemented the DISC assessment in our selection process, we have seen a notable improvement in the quality of our new hires. Now we can identify candidates who not only have the technical skills but also the behavioral style that complements our existing team.

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Additional DISC Tools to Boost Your Work

Your work to leverage the full potential of DISC with our assessments will be even easier and more powerful when using some of the additional tools we have on our platform.

  • Group Map

    Positions all evaluated individuals on a behavioral map that allows identifying areas of potential conflict and styles

  • Job Profile Map

    Positions all evaluated individuals on a behavioral map comparing them against a job profile measuring their suitability

  • Leadership Style Map

    Positions all evaluated individuals on a behavioral map according to their leadership styles and their interaction with others

  • Customer Service Style Map

    Positions all evaluated individuals on a behavioral map according to their customer service styles and their interaction with others

  • Teamwork Role Map

    Positions all evaluated individuals on a behavioral map according to their team role styles and their interaction with others


Individual Objective and Comparative Profile

Make the most of our DISC assessments with these two free reports within the platform that will aid in your selection and development processes.

DISC Objective Profile Report

Easily create a job profile or objective profile with the ideal characteristics required for the position and a suitability map to position candidates

DISC Comparative Report

Create an individual comparative report between an evaluated individual and a job or objective profile, visualizing the characteristics of the position against those of the candidate


Benefits of our DISC assessment for the business environment

  • Facilitation of recruitment and selection processes
  • Strengthening of work teams
  • Improvement in management and leadership
  • Increase in productivity and efficiency
  • Enhancement of self-awareness and interpersonal communication
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