Transforming Potential into Success

Welcome to the forefront of talent identification and development.

We believe that every individual possesses a unique set of skills and potentialities that, if discovered and nurtured properly, can lead to extraordinary success for both the individual and the organization. This is where our innovative Triangular Talent Assessment makes a difference.

Evaluación Triangular

Maximizing Talent in Your Organization

The Triangular Talent Assessment is a revolutionary approach designed to decipher, develop, and maximize talent within the organization.

This unique methodology is based on three fundamental pillars: Behavioral DNA, Action Engine, and Current State. Together, these pillars provide a comprehensive and deep insight into an individual's capabilities, motivations, and current performance.

In today's dynamic business environment, understanding and making the most of each team member's talent is not just an advantage, but a necessity. The Triangular Assessment offers:

Complete Vision of Talent

By integrating different dimensions of behavior and motivation, we gain a more complete understanding of individual talent

Performance Improvement

By aligning employees' capabilities and motivations with the company's goals, we drive significant improvement in performance and job satisfaction

Customized Development

Each individual is unique. Our approach allows for the creation of development plans tailored to the specific needs and strengths of each person

Strengthened Organizational Culture

Promoting individual growth contributes to a more dynamic, innovative, and resilient corporate culture


The Three Pillars of the Triangular Assessment

Our unique methodology is based on a three-dimensional understanding of talent, enabling a comprehensive assessment and development of an individual's capabilities. These are the three fundamental pillars of our Triangular Assessment:

ADN Conductual con DISC

Behavioral DNA with DISC

Discover Unique Behavioral DNA

We use the DISC assessment to unravel an individual's "behavioral DNA." This analysis allows us to understand how specific behavioral preferences influence the way of working, communicating, and making decisions.

Impact on the Company

Understanding the Behavioral DNA of each team member allows organizations to optimize collaboration, improve communication, and increase workplace efficiency.

Current State

Current Performance Assessment

Through the Competency Feedback 360 Radar, we assess an individual's current performance in key competencies, providing a clear picture of their strengths and areas for improvement.

Benefits for Personal and Organizational Growth

This assessment allows employees to better understand their current competencies and how they can further develop, while also helping leaders to identify and cultivate hidden talents within their organization.

Action Engine

Motivation Drivers

Based on Spranger and Allport's theory, we identify the motivational values that are the "action engine" behind an individual's behavior. This reveals what drives a person to achieve excellence and success.

Application in Career Development

Understanding these drivers allows organizations to better align tasks and roles with their employees' intrinsic motivators, which is crucial for maintaining high motivation and job satisfaction.

Valores Motivacionales

“We firmly believe that the Triangular Assessment is essential for shaping the future of companies. This tool not only reveals but also nurtures and maximizes each individual talent, transforming personal excellence into lasting and meaningful collective success.”

Ignacio Rubio Guisasola
CEO of People Performance International


Unlocking Potential: Post-Triangulation

The individual is now triangulated; how do we now determine their progress and development?

In the fascinating journey of personal and professional development, an individual's triangulation marks a crucial milestone. It's not just an assessment but a profound revelation of potential, motivation, and current performance.

However, identifying these aspects is just the beginning. The real magic happens when we transform this information into a tangible and effective plan for advancement and development.

  • Setting Clear Goals

    Using our DISC Target Profile assessment, we help individuals to identify key areas of their behavior to improve and develop, setting specific goals based on their Behavioral DNA.

  • Setting Competency Goals

    Our 360º Competency Radar assessment allows the assessed to set their performance goals, thus identifying the gaps and development opportunities in their Current State, leading to personalized development strategies such as coaching or mentorship.

  • Designing Customized Development Strategies

    With these valuable insights, customized development strategies can be designed, which may include training, coaching, mentorship, among others. This action plan focuses on closing the identified gaps and enhancing strengths, ensuring comprehensive development aligned with personal and organizational goals.


Reassessing the Outcome, Adjusting, and Continuing Development

We have the initial snapshot, the goal, and the development plan, but how do we assess the impact of all this at the end of the journey?

To do this, we need to reassess the person's performance after having applied the development strategies. Fortunately, our Competency Radar assessments feature a function that allows reevaluating up to two times over time the original assessment, taking comparative data from each of the radar evaluations we have performed. This allows us to measure the success we have had in developing the talent we needed to develop.

Evaluación triangular salida


Benefits of the triangular assessment for enhancing results

  • Optimization of team performance
  • Increase in ROI of development programs
  • Identification and development of potential leaders
  • Alignment of personal goals with organizational objectives
  • Increase in employee satisfaction and retention
  • Promotion of a stronger and more cohesive organizational culture