Optimizing Human Capital by Caring for Team Well-being

Is financial performance the only indicator of success in a company? Neglecting the well-being of employees can lead to costly burnout and low productivity, challenging the traditional notion of business efficiency.

Our advanced assessments transform this landscape.

By actively measuring and improving job well-being, we not only raise staff satisfaction but also boost loyalty and performance, paving the way for sustainable success.

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Transforming Dissatisfaction into Productive Performance

Employee well-being encompasses more than physical health; it's a holistic state that includes their job satisfaction, emotional balance, and professional development. A well-being employee is more than a worker; they are an enthusiastic and committed collaborator.

Prioritizing well-being at work is not a luxury; it's a critical business necessity. Companies with high well-being teams report better talent retention, innovation, and performance. It's the smartest investment to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage.

Lifestyle Habits

An employee who practices balanced routines contributes not only to lower absenteeism but also to greater energy and effectiveness in their tasks

Activity and Rest

Employees who balance their workload with sufficient rest are more creative and efficient


Employees who know how to manage their stress levels maintain mental clarity and calm, allowing them to make more informed decisions and maintain consistent productivity


Proper nutrition translates into greater concentration, optimal energy levels, and better long-term health

A well-known finance firm was facing high job stress and staff turnover. After one of our well-being assessments, mindfulness programs for stress management were implemented, flexible work policies were established, and work-life balance was promoted. In addition, physical well-being programs and access to balanced nutrition were introduced. These initiatives resulted in a notable improvement in staff satisfaction and productivity, with a 24.6% reduction in employee turnover and an 18.9% increase in overall performance, transforming the work environment and strengthening corporate culture.


It's not just a responsibility, it's also an asset!

Assessing employees' personal well-being transcends corporate responsibility. It's a strategic investment in human capital. A satisfied and healthy worker is synonymous with higher productivity and creativity, elevating the overall performance of the company.

Attention to well-being is the cornerstone of a resilient and committed team, crucial for overcoming today's market challenges.

Going beyond compliance and focusing on staff well-being brings tangible benefits, such as reducing employee turnover and strengthening the employer brand. Detailed assessment of personal well-being reveals growth and improvement opportunities, allowing organizations to get ahead in talent retention and organizational innovation.

Leading companies not only support their teams but thrive because of them.


Process for Improving Well-being Using Assessments

Our assessments are designed to help you identify employees' well-being gaps, which are the areas where employees need support to improve their well-being.

Once you know the well-being gaps, support programs can be created to help them in those areas.

For example, if several employees have problems sleeping, a support program can be created to help them improve their sleep habits. If a group of employees has stress issues, a support program can be created to help them manage stress.

  • Initial Assessment

    Using DISC assessments, the person understands why they act as they do, and using the well-being assessment, they discover their well-being gaps

  • Results Analysis

    The person becomes aware of the areas they need to improve and which behavioral patterns they need to change

  • Action Plan

    Specific programs are created in the common areas of greatest incidence on employees

  • Development


  • Monitoring and Adjustments

    Monitoring progress and making adjustments to ensure continuous improvement


Assessments to foster comprehensive and effective well-being

Cementing personal well-being involves understanding and nurturing all dimensions of being. At People Performance International, we approach well-being from a holistic perspective, considering the multiple aspects that contribute to a full and balanced life.

Our assessments provide individuals with deep insights into their current state of well-being, along with personalized strategies for enriching their work and personal life.

At People Performance International, we are your strategic partner in the pursuit of well-being that energizes and renews.

Comprehensive Well-being

We assess the emotional and psychological resonance of employees with their work environment and personal life. Positive perception of the environment and self-management of well-being are vital for organizational sustainability and success.

Action Drivers

To understand how to help someone act towards changes and development, we assess motivational action drivers that facilitate the person to focus their energy on transforming what they want to improve.

Behavioral Analysis

Using tools like DISC, we assess behavioral styles and response patterns. This aids in the process of active changes requiring effort and development, resulting in a better outcome.

Organizational Climate

As a complement to the employee's personal well-being, we assess those interactions with the organization that may be affecting the mood and motivational state of commitment to the company or the work team


Benefits of our assessments for enhancing employee well-being

  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Improved Work Climate
  • Talent Retention
  • Innovation and Creativity