Interview with Manuela Fonseca, user of People Performance International

The human resources manager of Carclasse – distributor of car brands such as Mercedes-Benz, smart, Range Rover, Land Rover and Jaguar – talks about the evaluations and the People Performance International course of DISC Behavioral Analyst Certified by the International DISC Institute. It is a method for assessing people’s behaviour in a given environment, based on the theory developed by psychologist William Moulton Marston.

The evaluation owes its name to the fact that it shows that there are four basic traits of behavior in people: dominance (D, dominance), influence (I, influence), stability (S, steadiness) and conformity (C, conscientiousness).
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What is your opinion about the capture and development of talent in companies?
The capture of talent depends fundamentally on the positioning of companies in the market, in society or in the community and before their employees. Companies should assume a real value proposition in their strategic axis, both for the talents they want to attract and for the talents they want to retain.

How can the “DISC” help your organization in recruitment processes?
As human resources manager, I apply the DISC in all recruitment and selection processes and in all assessments. The “DISC” has proven to be an indispensable tool in defining Carclasse’s “star” profiles and in hiring professionals with similar behavioral profiles.

It is certified in “DISC Behavioral Analysis” by INTERDISC. What are the advantages of this certification at a professional level?
The “DISC Certification” gave me the necessary skills to evaluate the behavioural profiles of employees and candidates in an autonomous way, considerably reducing the margin of error in recruitment processes. I am more confident with the choices of the professionals we have been hiring.

And at a personal level? 
On a personal level, it brought me more knowledge about my natural and job-oriented behaviour. It is a very powerful mirror. I can say that after the “DISC Certification” I redirected some focus of my attention.
“Manuela Fonseca is responsible for Carclasse’s human resources. With more than 20 years of existence, the company is one of the largest dealers and authorized Mercedes-Benz workshop in Portugal. As a result of the sustained evolution of the business, it is also a smart dealer and authorised workshop, Land Rover, Range Rover and Jaguar. It has known a remarkable development in the automotive sector in the last two decades, resulting from the sustained evolution of vehicle sales and after-sales service, whose quality and professionalism are widely recognized by customers.

Article appeared in the magazine Human of Portugal

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