Corporate Health Monitor, the revolutionary way to measure Organizational Climate


Continuous Evaluation of Workplace Climate: Key to Organizational Success

Continuous measurement of workplace climate allows for real-time identification of problems and opportunities. It facilitates constant adaptation and improvement, preventing escalating conflicts.

Regular monitoring provides continuous feedback to the management team. This enables timely interventions and strengthens organizational culture and commitment.

The Problem with Workplace Climate

How much does a discontented team cost? How does the work environment affect company productivity? Why do we lose the talent we want to keep?

The Problem with Climate Evaluations

What's the use of knowing today what impacted the team eight months ago? Measuring the climate is very important, but if we cannot act in time, what's the point?

The Importance of Measuring Workplace Climate

Studies show that measuring and acting on workplace climate has a direct effect on work, productivity, and talent retention

The Solution: Corporate Health Monitor

An innovative assessment tool that allows you to know almost in real-time what is happening with the company's human team


The Corporate Health Monitor is the continuous dynamic strategy to improve Organizational Climate

Applying the continuous evaluation of the Organizational Climate Monitor by People Performance International transforms the traditional perception of the work environment. Thanks to its proactive approach and cutting-edge technology, this tool constantly monitors team dynamics and sentiments, providing up-to-date and relevant insights.

By integrating periodic assessments, it facilitates a deep and real-time understanding, allowing organizations to act quickly and adjust strategies to foster a positive and productive climate sustainably.

Its innovative approach not only measures but also continuously improves the well-being and effectiveness of the work environment.

By implementing these key steps, your company can maximize the benefits of Continuous Climate Evaluation to ensure a dynamic and satisfactory work environment.

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Define clear objectives and continuously communicate the process and benefits of the evaluation to maintain commitment


Quickly set up regular surveys with our adaptable tool, customizing according to current needs

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Use real-time monitoring to send reminders and access instant reports, facilitating agile analysis


Quickly identify areas for improvement so you can dynamically adapt action plans based on updated results

The Corporate Health Monitor by People Performance International is, to say the least, surprising. We believe it has great potential to transform the work climate through real-time analysis, enabling exceptional adaptability.

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Easily Discover and Enhance Key Areas of Your Company's Climate

We redefine how you perceive the work climate with a tailored evaluation, capturing the essence of the work environment and adapting to your company's specifics.

Our tool, with advanced analysis and participation options, facilitates key insights, adapting to varied methodologies for a complete climate view, promoting lasting improvements.

  • Personalized Invitation

    You can use the system's invitation email or customize it

  • Personal Comments

    You can allow personal comments on each question if you want

  • Desired Goal

    You can allow participants to rate a desired goal

  • No Answer/No Response

    You can allow some questions to be skipped or force all to be answered

  • Group Segmentation

    You can segment participants into up to 6 different groups

  • Responses via Telegram

    Responses can be made via Telegram, increasing participation

  • Rating Type

    You can choose between a 1 to 10 rating or using emoticons

  • Indicator Dictionary

    You can use our question dictionary or create your own


Make the Most of the Corporate Health Monitor

The Continuous Corporate Health Monitor report from People Performance International offers a deep understanding of the critical factors affecting organizational well-being and employee health. This continuous analysis is fundamental for implementing significant improvements that enhance the work environment, increase productivity, and optimize overall efficiency, addressing challenges that restrict collective performance.

Additionally, it facilitates downloading all data in Excel for detailed analysis and tracking.

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Benefits of our Organizational Climate Monitor

  • Know in time what is impacting productivity
  • React almost immediately to what is hindering performance
  • Make decisions and implement programs based on real data
  • Discern the work environment that drives away the talent we want