Illuminating Your Children's Future with DISC + Vocational

As parents, we seek to guide our children toward a career that aligns with their personality and dreams. Our youth and vocational DISC assessments deepen their self-knowledge and point out professional paths that are true to their nature, key to a rewarding and fulfilling career.

This guidance is vital for them to start their professional lives focused and motivated.

We understand the challenge of assisting them in choosing their professional future. Therefore, we provide tools that clarify and direct this process, linking their distinctive traits with ideal careers.

Our assessments deploy a range of options, providing the necessary security for them to make informed decisions. We encourage their ability to find a career that resonates with their identity, inspiring them towards enthusiasm and determination.


Deciphering Your Children's Success: An Introduction to DISC

As parents, it is crucial to guide our children, ensuring that we support their true needs and abilities. The youth DISC assessment, by identifying four main behavioral traits, is key for this.

Understanding your child’s DISC profile improves communication, self-esteem, and their social and academic relationships.

DISC provides a path to understanding your child's personality, facilitating the creation of an environment that maximizes their potential.

Its simplicity and applicability make DISC an essential tool for child development.


Students with high D are dynamic, goal-oriented, and show leadership in school projects. They excel through determination in facing challenges, make quick and effective decisions, and lead in complex situations, striving to achieve their objectives.



Students with high S value cooperation and harmony, being reliable and stable. They prefer safe and predictable environments, excel in support roles, bring stability to their teams with commitment and patience, key to maintaining respect and collaboration in the classroom.


Individuals with high I stand out for their extroversion and communicative skill, excelling in group tasks and presentations. They motivate others with their charisma, fostering a collaborative and optimistic learning environment, serving as catalysts for unity.


Students with high C excel in precision and attention to detail, being organized and methodical, excellent at following instructions and maintaining high standards of quality. Their analytical focus makes them indispensable in tasks that require observance of processes, ensuring high-quality results.


A Revealing Assessment for Youth and Students

People Performance International's youth DISC assessment, using advanced technology and modern techniques, offers a detailed analysis for youth to identify strengths and areas for improvement, promoting their academic and social development. Its methodology includes the analysis of behavior and emotions, guiding effective growth strategies to improve self-confidence, social adaptability, and relationship strengthening.

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This assessment helps to identify and develop natural abilities, guiding students towards activities and studies where their talents can flourish and be maximized


It facilitates understanding of different personalities, improving communication and empathy among students, teachers, and family, resulting in more harmonious and constructive relationships


By knowing their DISC profile, youth can set goals aligned with their strengths, developing effective strategies to achieve their academic and personal aspirations

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Understanding their own personality and how they interact with others reinforces students' self-esteem, fostering greater security in their decisions and actions

My name is Ignacio Rubio, President of People Performance International and I made the wrong decision.

As a teenager, I had to decide at a moment in my life what to study, what to dedicate myself to, and I ended up investing a lot of time, effort, and my parents’ money in preparing for something that ultimately was not for me and to which I never dedicated myself.

I would have liked to have a tool that truly helped me understand who I was, what my potentials were, my strong and weak areas, my personality style, and my vocational inclinations and help me focus on my desired future.

That is why I developed this assessment which is now becoming a fundamental tool in the hands of parents, educators, schools, coaches, and the young people themselves, the youth personality DISC assessment.


Maximizing the Possibilities for Professional Success

Our vocational assessment identifies areas of interest and maps a path to suitable careers for young people, guiding them to precise educational decisions and discovering career options aligned with their abilities and passions.

The vocational DISC assessment has guided thousands of young people towards correct choices, showing vocational paths that enhance their capacities.

This revealing tool offers personalized insights and vocational paths that maximize the students' potential.

Its accuracy and adaptability allow young people to confidently explore careers that resonate with their unique profile, being a catalyst for professional and personal success, supported by testimonials from students who found their vocation.

  • Dual Vocational Option

    Identifies the two careers that best fit their profile, maximizing your future potential

  • Subject Identification

    Receive specific advice to improve in key subjects, essential for your dream career

  • Additional Paths

    Discover four alternative careers that perfectly fit your DISC profile, expanding your horizons

  • Your Target Work Profile

    Visualize the characteristics of the work environment that most resonates with your personality and aspirations


Discover and Conquer: The Master Key to Your Future

The combination of DISC and vocational analysis gives young people the key to enhancing their future. This mix clarifies their path to careers aligned with their personality and passions, providing knowledge for strategic educational and professional decisions. It offers a perspective of their strengths and their application in the workplace, preparing them for achievements and satisfaction, aligning every step with their aspirations.


Benefits of our Youth + Vocational DISC Assessment

  • Vocational Clarity
  • Customized Development
  • Improvement of Interpersonal Relationships
  • Confidence in Decision Making
  • Adaptability and Resilience