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About Us

A solid, reliable and constantly growing project


Where We Come From

People Performance International was born with the spirit of helping people to get to know themselves better through assessments that promote personal and professional development as well as the alignment of the person with the job position most appropriate to their personality style. However, the foundations behind the project began to be forged many years earlier through the experience and development of its founders.


We began to work with the DISC in processes of personal counseling


We began to apply the DISC methodology in coaching and leadership



Business project begins, renamed in 2010


We developed and launched the first version of the assessment platform


We launched the second improved version of the assessment platform


We launched the current version of the platform with great advances

Where we are

In 2012 we developed a global vision and strategy, expanding especially to the South American and European markets and later also entering the African continent. Nowadays we are a company in constant growth with the firm conviction that we can have a global scope as well as a local presence, and for this we have developed a strong international structure of Agents and Distributors that ensure our proximity to the end customer from the power of a global company.

Evaluaciones y módulos





Where We’re Going

Our obsession is to develop tools for the assessment and development of people who have a high impact on people’s lives as well as on their performance and future work. This is why we constantly research, innovate and develop both in the areas of human capital and the technologies that support it. We are becoming the main actor in the assessment of people in the personal and work environment through our own technological development platform that covers not only assessment, but also recruitment, performance and even organizational happiness.

  • Total investment 100% 100%
  • Investment in new developments 40% 40%
  • Investment in research and new assessments 25% 25%
  • Investment in customer support technology 20% 20%
  • Investment in technological improvements in use 15% 15%

Our clients range from SMEs to multinationals.

It would be impossible to list them all, these are some of the companies and professionals who use our assessments.

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People Performance International LLC. 1712 Pioner Ave. Cheyenne, WY 82001 +1 646 568 5403 

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