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Competencies 360º Methodology

An effective methodology, proven and easy to interpret


360º Competencies Radar

The most advanced system in the market in the assessment of job competencies!

Assessing competencies is sometimes tedious; create job profiles, select behaviors, create questions, etc. For this reason we have developed an innovative system, easy to use, flexible and complete, at a revolutionary price.

Nowadays the evaluation of competencies is key for the development and productivity of the human capital in the company, for that reason you will find this tool very suitable for coaching processes, development of skills and abilities, improve the performance and the management of teams.

Measure the DNA (optional if it includes DISC), present and goal of the competency level of your team to be able to create effective strategies of development, training, and improvement.

Characteristics of our Competency Radars Feedback

We have designed 360º radars, not only simple to implement and innovative, but also very comprehensive in order to get the most out of the assessment process and competency development.


Use our competency sets, adapt them or create your own.

It allows the self-evaluation (90º) as well as the evaluation with external observers (180º, 360º), up to 5 levels with several observers per level.

It allows the evaluated to establish their own desired objective or to be established by the assessment project administrator.

External observers who evaluate several people at once, assess all together (an individual test is not necessary for each evaluated).


Decide whether to identify the levels or number them, establish weights for the competences.

It allows for two subsequent reassessments over time that take comparative data from previous evaluations to measure development progress.

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